Are you aware that there are illnesses dogs and humans have in common?  Some can be transmitted from your dog to you while others are just ordinary maladies dogs and humans share. Preventing your dog from becoming infected with some of these illnesses or seeking veterinary care as soon as possible could prevent you or your dog from incurring any serious consequences.   

Common Illnesses Shared by Dogs and Humans


Ringworm is a disease that causes itchy, crusty, red rashes on the skin. It’s caused by a fungus and is contracted by coming in direct contact with the rash. Most dogs get this fungus outdoors; humans contract the rash if they touch the affected area. If you notice a rash or lesion on your dog, it’s important to see your vet for diagnosis and treatment options.


Anyone who’s seen Old Yeller is familiar with rabies and the horrible effects it can have on dogs. Rabies  is a viral disease usually transmitted when an infected animal bites another animal or human. Vaccinating your furry friend will prevent him from contracting rabies. When humans become infected with the disease, it typically starts as a fever. Without treatment, the disease infects the brain and eventually becomes fatal. If your dog incurs a bite from an unknown animal, it’s important to see a vet immediately. If you suspect your dog may have rabies, don’t let any part of your body come in contact with your dog’s mouth so that he doesn’t transmit it to you.  


Diabetes can’t be transmitted from dog to human. It is a disease that causes the body to stop producing enough insulin to store sugar. The symptoms are the same in humans and in dogs: frequent urination, increased thirst, and weight loss. Although genetics does play a huge role, dogs can become diabetic by overeating and being inactive. Only your vet can properly diagnose diabetes and recommend treatment.


While ticks themselves aren’t diseases, they can carry diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which could lead to hospitalization in humans. Ticks become attached to dogs when they’re outdoors and then bite humans once the dog returns home. To prevent your dog from infesting your home with ticks, choose a tick prevention method. If your dog does incur a bite, be sure to remove and dispose of the tick properly.


While epilepsy can’t be transmitted from pet to owner, the symptoms of epilepsy aren’t immediately noticeable. Convulsions can occur but oftentimes don’t. Epilepsy causes frequent seizures to occur, but not all seizures are noticeable. Some can happen so quickly and mildly that your dog only experiences momentary pain. If you suspect your dog may be epileptic, have a vet perform a diagnosis.

Over to You 

Did you know about these common illnesses dogs and humans share? Keeping your Fido healthy should be your overall goal as a pet owner. Preventing your dog from contracting rabies or incurring tick bites is something you want to manage routinely. Seeking veterinary care as soon as you suspect your dog may be suffering from a malady such as ringworm, epilepsy or diabetes is critical to your dog’s wellness. Are your canine friend’s rabies vaccinations current? Are you using a tick preventative method?

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