If you have been lucky enough to adopt a new kitty, or if you have recently taken in a stray, you’ll want to invest some time in bonding with your new kitty.  It will set you on the right course for a long-lasting, beneficial relationship for both of you.

Bonding with your kitty is very easy; all she wants is love!  Of course, love is given to her in a variety of ways.  Time is the biggest gesture of love you can give to your cat.  Giving her your utmost attention will pay off in large ways.  Playtime, lounge-time, and feeding time can all be great opportunities to bond.

Let your new cat approach you on her level.  Letting your cat know you are not a threat will make her bond and trust you more and more.  Get to know your cat and what she likes.  Some cats love to be held, whereas others do not want to be bothered.  Let your cat tell you what she wants, and don’t push it.  This is critical in the bonding relationship; forcing your cat to do something she does not want to do may make her fearful and not want to be near you.  Petting your cat will let him know you love him.  Hearing your cat purr is a good sound and means, “I love this.”  If you are holding your cat and petting him, you may feel his claws digging into your leg or arm.  This is a good response as well.

Cat toys are great for a cat’s natural curiosity and prey instinct.  They also provide needed exercise, stimulation, and bonding time with you.  Many behavior problems stem from lack of exercise and stimulation.  So bring on the playtime!  And you’ll quickly be your cat’s best friend.

Stay on schedule with her food as well, because this will let her know that everyday at the same time she will get fed.  This is a trust building exercise for you and your feline friend.

Most of all, again, time is best. When you are sitting down relaxing, pet your cat and talk to him.  This is going to make you a friend for life.

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