Are you ready to take in a pet?

Published on March 25, 2014 by in Blog


Having pets is a wonderful thing! They’ll keep you company when you feel down, and will never seem to judge you, except maybe when you forget to fill their feeding bowl. They’re always open to having you around, and never get bored of hanging out with you.

If you are thinking about taking in a pet, for example a cat or a dog, there are some things to consider before you go to the shelter and come back with a pup or kitten.

For starters, can you afford to keep them? The financial aspect of having a pet is sometimes overlooked, yet is very important. There’s food, medical checkups, and simple accessories to help make life easier for you that need to be purchased. You may need to hire a pet sitter or pay for overnight boarding when you go out of town.  These costs can be a burden to you if not considered and planned for.

The love, care and attention pets require are also merit. For your pet puppy to grow up to be a healthy and happy dog, he needs quality time with his owner. If your schedule is a busy one, you may want to hire a dog walking service to take care of your dog while you are at work. However, should you find yourself with an afternoon off, spend it with your pet.  Take your dog to the dog park or the beach, or interact with your kitty to give her the mental and physical stimulation she needs.

Lastly, having a pet means having to keep your home clean, lest you or your pet fall ill. If it’s a cat or dog, you may have fur everywhere, so be prepared to brush, vacuum, and dust more often. Litter boxes should be cleaned daily.  Pick up yard waste at least weekly, or hire a pooper scooper service to do it for you.  A clean environment not only keeps diseases and allergies at bay, it makes for happy living – for both you and your beloved pet.

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