Benefits of Crate Training

Published on July 17, 2013 by in Blog


Crate training can be very important when you are first training a puppy.  A crate is a place dogs should be able to get away from the commotion of everyday life, a sanctuary or a secure spot of his own. It may also save your house from accidents or chewing, and your dog will be safe at night and when you are gone.

Your dog may not like his crate at first. But dogs are den animals; they need a cozy place to relax and feel protected.  If you are consistent with crate training and it will pay off.  When you first open your crate’s door for your dog, take him outside.  When you put him back in, give him a special treat.  Use words like “bed” when guiding him to the crate.

This is going to help train him in housebreaking, another battle of puppyhood.  Sectioning off part of the crate will keep the puppy from messing up the crate, as he won’t want to mess in his sleeping area.

A good place for your crate is in your bedroom. The reason this is the best place is because you can hear your puppy, and your puppy knows you are still there.  At nighttime, when you are trying to sleep, you may need to let your puppy cry it out a bit.  But after a few nights and some loving reassurance, the whining will be less and less, and your dog will realize he is safe and cozy in his own bed.

These are little tips to get you started.  This is a great tool in the puppy world!

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