DDCN wants you to be prepared if a natural disaster strikes. While you are making a plan, please remember to include your pet and prepare a disaster kit for them too!

We are excited to give you our best tips to get you and your family prepared!

Firstly, become knowledgeable on the type of disasters that impact where you live and consider the options for providing care for your pet.

Make a list to identify pet friendly emergency shelters.

Find pet friendly housing on your evacuation route if you do not want to leave your pet at a shelter.

– Hotels

– Family/Friends

– Boarding Facilities

Create an emergency kit for your pet grab and go. Be sure to include these items

– Food & Water Bowls

– Basic First Aid supplies

– Medications

– Leash/Harness/Carriers

– Food and Water enough for at least 5 days

– Litter/Box/Waste Bags

– Tags and ID

– Recent Pet photos in case of separation from your pet

– Vet Records and Contact

– Items your pet finds comfort in (Bed & Toys)

If you plan to stay, be sure your furry friends are indoors and unable to escape.

If you plan yo leave your pet:

– Be sure you pet has a collard ID

– Put a Rescue Decal on the door window so first responders know a pet may be inside

Select a safe room, preferably an interior room with few (or no) windows.

Remove any toxic chemicals or plants.

Close off small areas where scared pets could get stuck in (such as vents or beneath heavy furniture).

We hope these tips are helpful to you and will prepare your family for this upcoming hurricane season.

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