Dogs in an apartment?

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Living in an apartment and being a dog lover can be rough.  Should you get a dog or not?  Dogs need lots of fresh air, exercise, and a yard to play in.  Don’t they?  Not necessarily, and not all breeds.  You might be surprised at the number of dogs that would do just fine living in an apartment.  As long as they have adequate time outside to potty and play and exercise, they might love hanging out with you in your studio apartment or convertible 2-bedroom.

There are many dogs that should have a large yard to run and play, such as the energetic Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, and Pointer.  So read up on your breed info before you adopt a dog.  You’ll want to make an educated decision about which dogs would be quite content loafing around an apartment for most of the day, and which dogs definitely would not.

Here are a few good choices for condo canines, small and large:

Yorkshire Terriers are great apartment dogs because of their petite build, maxing out around 7 pounds.  They will not take up much more space than a newborn baby – with a lot less gear.  They can exercise themselves in an apartment – by playing and chasing toys – therefore do not need a large outdoor play area.  Yorkshire Terriers don’t bark much, but do require grooming because of their longer hair.

French Bulldogs are a good choice because they are small enough, about 20 lbs, but have some laid-back features of a larger dog.  They are normally calm and quiet.  They will be happy to relax with you while watching TV on the chaise-lounge or having a snack in the eat-in kitchen.  They don’t need much grooming, which is helpful in a small area.

Greyhounds are great apartment dogs, believe it or not.  They tend to be calm and relaxed, and are a quiet breed.  Timid and shy are usually their personality.  They are good athletes, but prefer to lie around.  They will chase if not on a leash, but if on a leash, walking daily is all they need.  They are short haired, so grooming is minimal.

Great Danes also top this list, surprisingly.  They are large, and will take up a lot of space (like, the entire chaise-lounge), but they are the gentle giants who will not bark and bother other guests.  They are calm, quiet, smart, and friendly.  They generally don’t need a lot of exercise, just a walk daily.  They will help you feel safe because they are intimidating to outsiders.  They also have very short fur, therefore grooming is minimal.

Depending on your preference for a large or small breed dog, apartment living with a dog is possible.  Consider requesting an apartment on the ground floor, so it’s easy for your dog to go outside as needed.  Also, a crate might be a good investment when house-training so your dog doesn’t damage the apartment by soiling the carpets or chewing baseboards or blinds, causing you to lose your security deposit when you move out.  Remember to always pick up your pet waste in apartment complexes; many have “poop stations” with disposable plastic bags.

With adequate love and exercise, many dogs are great apartment dogs.  Just do your research to avoid putting a high-energy dog in your tiny apartment – your dog, and your wallet, will thank you.


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