Hi, my name is Kody Boy and I am an eight-year old Cocker Spaniel and the only four-legged son of Pet Sitter, Melanie Nichols.  I would like to describe to you, from a “dog’s” perspective, some interesting things about “Dog Days and Cat Naps.”

In my opinion, I love the Dog Days part of the Company, but I am not too keen on the Cat Naps!  Let me tell you why – “I HATE CATS!”  I even have to live with one!  Her name is Snuggles and my Momma rescued her!  HMP!  I have been trying to find her a new home while Momma is at work, but no luck so far.  If I get too close to her she hisses at me with her nasty cat breath!  She truly lives up to her name, as she loves to snuggle up around MY Momma’s neck.

Momma loves her job as a Pet Sitter.  I do not mind too much when she sits for the girl dogs, but when she sits for the boy dogs, now that really bugs me.  There is one dog she sits for – he is an English Bulldog.  To me, he is SO ugly – now face it I am a handsome, gorgeous, adorable, cute, sweet, and darling – yet not conceited – Cocker Spaniel with two-inch long eyelashes.

She comes home and she smells like him, it almost makes me want to throw up.  Knowing my Momma, she cannot just go in the house walk him and feed him – NO – she has to LOVE him too.  I saw a picture of her holding him on her cell phone; it made me so jealous and upset.  So upset that I had to go into my man cave under Momma’s bed and meditate!

Sometimes Momma goes out of town, I really want to go with her, but she says it would not be fair to my sister, Charity (she is a Cocker Spaniel too, but not as cute as me!), and leave her at home.  Therefore, she has Ms. Lynn come take care of all of us.  Sometimes I think Ms. Lynn loves Charity more than me, I am not sure.  I do know that Ms. Lynn has to take care of my other big fat sister, Curley Sue!  She is an old potbelly pig and lives in the back bedroom in MY house.  So happy I do not have to deal with her.  However, Ms. Lynn is not afraid of her, even though she weighs a whole bunch and is 22 years old.  Sure hope she doesn’t live forever!  HMP!

Momma’s making me sign off for now, I have so much more to tell you about me, but I better do what she wants – she’s the one that controls the Dingos and Beggin’ Strips and I sure do woof them!

I woof all of you too,

Kody Boy


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