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We prefer that you use a key lockbox to allow your pet sitter access to your home.  We provide key lockboxes which are yours to keep.  You do not need to put the lockbox on your front door; you may attach it to your fence, put it on your back porch, or hide it in another secure location on your property.  pet sitting lockbox

Using our key lockboxes is not required to use our service.  You may purchase your own key lockbox from a retailer, or you may place your single key somewhere on your property that only you and your pet sitter knows.  Your sitter will need to return your key to the designated spot after each pet sitting visit.

We prefer to use lockboxes for a number of reasons.  We feel that your key is much safer in a locked box on your property than in your pet sitter’s car or home.  Keys being lost by service companies (pet sitters, house cleaners, etc.) is not uncommon.  The reality is that anything can happen.  Pet sitters often have to carry files and keys around on many appointments, and keys can easily slip out of files and be misplaced.

Other mishaps may occur as well: your pet sitter’s car or home may be broken into where your file or key was being kept; your pet sitter may be in a car accident where files and keys could be ejected out of the car; unauthorized persons may have access to your pet sitter’s files in their home (acquaintances, house cleaners, etc.)

Plus, if your pet sitter has an emergency and is unable to complete your visits, we will always be able to send a back-up pet sitter if your key is on your property.  If your pet sitter has your key and he or she is unreachable, we will not have access to your home for pet sitting.

Using a key lockbox eliminates many of these potential problems.  Further, our lockboxes are yours to keep so that you may use them for friends and family arriving, or if you are locked out of your home, or for other service companies doing work at your house.

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