Cats are so photogenic, especially when they are grinning from ear to ear, aren’t they? However, your cat relies on his toothy smile for a lot more than being featured in adorable pictures for social media. Keeping your cat’s teeth healthy is important for your feline friend’s overall well-being.

What You May Risk by Not Keeping Your Cat’s Teeth Healthy

Dental issues take many different forms, from fractured teeth to tooth loss. But the underlying cause is always the same: bacteria. Bacteria seeps into your cat’s gums and causes dental issues. What’s worse is these bacteria don’t just affect your cat’s teeth. The same bacteria causing your cat dental issues can find its way into your cat’s bloodstream and cause heart, liver, kidney, and even lung problems. With risks being this high, keeping Fluffy’s teeth clean should be a priority. How do you know if your feline friend’s pearly whites are in trouble?  

Signs Your Cat Has Dental Health Issues

Perhaps the most obvious sign is bad breath. As the bacteria worsens you may also notice plaque buildup, gum bleeding, tooth loss, infections in the mouth, and even a decline in your cat’s health. If you notice your cat’s dental health diminishing, consult your veterinarian so he can diagnose any issues and recommend an effective treatment plan.

Ways to Prevent Cat Dental Health Problems

Preventing dental issues altogether is the ultimate way to keep your cat safe. It’s always best to start early, but these tips can be implemented with older cats if you find a routine and stick to it:

1. Brushing:

Search your pet store for a pet-safe toothpaste that will appeal to your feline friend. Start slowly by allowing your cat to taste a bit of the toothpaste on a toothbrush. Once your cat is comfortable, try brushing a few of his teeth. Go slowly the first few times. It’s best to get into a routine of brushing your cat’s teeth a few times a week so your furry friend gets accustomed to this practice.

2. Dental Food:

Check your pet store for treats that provide a brush like-effect on your cat’s teeth as he chews.

3. Vet Check-ups:

Having regular dental checks with your vet will allow you to keep an eye on any issues that may arise without your notice. Also, your vet can give you additional tips on how to keep your cat’s teeth clean and the best way to do it. He can advise you of the latest cat dental practices and products to make keeping your cat’s teeth healthy an easy and effective task.  

Your Take on Keeping Your Cat’s Teeth Healthy

What methods do you use to keep your cat’s teeth healthy?

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