In-Home Doggie Daycare

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Does your dog need more time and attention than a regular midday dog walking visit can provide? Would you like your dog to stay at our home for the day while you are at work? Our in-home doggie daycare is a great option for those pets needing extra attention or playtime!

Dogs need stimulation and playtime and exercise to be healthy. Staying at home alone all day while you work is not ideal. Consider having your dogs stay in one of our homes – supervised and cared for, not crowded into an overfilled doggie daycare – to play and have fun throughout the day. (We may just ask you if they can stay the night, too!)

Several of our pet sitters have opened their homes for doggie daycare. Most of their homes have fenced back yards with lots of space for playtime and potty time! We will provide a loving and fun environment for your dog while you are at work. Doggie daycare normally includes group playtime with other dogs, so it is important that your dog be friendly and non-aggressive, and must be current on vaccinations.

Please complete our separate Boarding/Doggie Daycare Contract to enroll your dog in doggie daycare. Fax to: 904-342-6291.




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