Deciding to welcome a dog into your home is an amazing choice with numerous benefits. But choosing where to get your new Fido might pose some indecision. While buying a dog from a breeder may seem like the better option, shelter dogs are by far a much better choice. Understanding the reasons why you should adopt a shelter dog will help eliminate any confusion about this worthwhile effort.

Why Is Adopting a Shelter Dog Your Better Option?

 1. Shelters Offer Full Breeds

You may think your only chance at getting a full-bred dog is to go through a breeder, but that is not the case. Though mixed-breed dogs are more commonly found at shelters, it’s possible to find a full- bred dog there. Some shelters will even give you a call when one becomes available at their facility.

2. Companionship for Your Current Dog

The only thing better than owning one dog, is owning two. If you’re on the fence about whether you should adopt another canine, consider the effect it’ll have on your current furry family member. While the benefits of owning two dogs may not seem worth the extra stress, you’ll find the effect it has on your current dog worth it.

3. You Could Literally Save a Life

Of the 6.5 million animals that go to shelters every year, 1.5 million are euthanized annually. Adopting a shelter dog means that one less dog will be put to rest. While adopting one dog of the 3.3 million that live in shelters may not seem like much, you are doing your part to save a life. Additionally, adopting a shelter pet can inspire a friend or family member to do the same.

4. Saving Money and Training Time

When it comes to saving money on dogs, you can’t beat the deal you get from adopting  from a shelter. Your dog will come already spayed or neutered. Additionally, most shelter dogs come microchipped. That alone saves you some $100 if you were to buy from a breeder. Many of the dogs are housebroken, too, saving you much time potty-training your new little furry friend.

5. Environmental Impact

Not only are most puppy mills illegal, but breeders typically subject their puppies to inhumane environmental conditions and treatment until they’re adopted. Additionally, by adopting a shelter- spayed and neutered pet, you’re helping reduce the population of homeless animals. Again, even though adopting one doesn’t seem like much of an impact, every little bit helps.

Over to You… 

Are you considering adopting a shelter dog? What has influenced your decision?

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