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Bath time for dogs is always an interesting time; you never know what the experience will be like. You may be able to easily lull your stinky Fido into the tub for a cleanse. Or you may find it easier to drag your dog to the vet than get him into the tub. Either way, the job must be done. But knowing ways to make the best of bathing your dog is key to accomplishing your mission.

Supplies You‘ll Need to Make the Best of Bathing Your Dog

1. Shampoo:

The right shampoo makes all the difference. Using the wrong shampoo can have horrible effects on your dog such as dry skin, irritation, or simply not cleaning. Do a bit of research to find the best shampoo for your dog.

2. Towel:

You may have already brought that fancy dog blow dryer. But those are noisy and irritate your dog’s skin. A decent absorbent towel will do the trick. Plus, he’s going to shake dry anyway.

3. Treats:

A little bribe never hurts.

4. Hose:

Your shower head works as well if it’s mobile. This allows you to control where the water goes and makes the bath more effective.

The Method of Making the Best of Bathing Your Dog

Persuade your dog into the tub.

Coaxing Fido into the tub is easier than you think. You can win every battle you fight with food. Trick your dog into getting in an empty tub. Once inside, give him treats as you slowly fill the bath with water. If he starts to freak out, simply pet him and reassure him with words…and a treat.

Wet your dog from the neck down. 

Take a cup and wet your dog’s fur from the neck down. Then apply the shampoo. Refer to your shampoo’s directions on how to apply, lather, and rinse. It’s important you only clean from the neck down as you want to protect your dog’s eyes, ears, and mouth. Use a damp wash cloth to clean your dog’s face.

Rinse away the soap and dirt.

Once you’ve cleansed your dog’s fur to satisfactory standards, give him a good rinse with the same cup you used beforehand. This may take a while, but it’s important to remove all the shampoo.

Towel dry your dog.

Finally, allow your dog to slowly climb out of the tub and give him a good pat dry with the towel. Be sure to let him know how well he did with reassuring words…and another treat. After your pat dry, Fido is going to shake dry. Just be ready for it. Let that be an additional reward for successfully finishing his bath.

Over to you …

Pet experts recommend that you bathe your dog once a month so you don’t irritate his skin. However, if your dog should encounter a skunk or has rolled in some smelly stuff, you‘ll need to follow our guidelines to make the best of bathing your dog as these situations arise.

What’s your funniest doggy bath time story? Tell us in the comments below.

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