Why Choose Us?

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We realize that you have many choices when it comes to the care of your pet-family members, and we appreciate you considering us.  We hope that you will choose our service for a number of reasons:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied with our pet care service, please contact us right away so that we can remedy the situation.  If we cannot gain your complete satisfaction, we will refund your money in whole or in part depending on the situation.
  • Availability, service area, and back-up pet sitters – We have a staff of caring, responsible, qualified pet care providers who have good availability for pet sitting appointments.  We service most of the Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL area, not just one or two communities, and if your primary pet sitter is booked up, sick, or out of town, we will provide a back-up sitter to care for your pets; we will never cancel a confirmed pet sitting assignment last minute and leave you in a bind.
  • Personalized service – Even though we have a large staff, we assign one pet sitter to your household so that you and your pets can establish and maintain a personal relationship with your pet sitter.  Exceptions may be made if you require pet sitting 4+ times per day (then we may need to split the pet sitting between two sitters), or if you need pet sitting at a very specific time of day when your primary sitter is unavailable.  Most pet sitters will give you their home/cell phone numbers so that you may call to check on your pets while you’re away.
  • Courtesy pet visit feedback reports – Your pet sitter will email you on the first visit of every pet sitting assignment.  This is just a courtesy email to let you know that the sitter has started pet sitting and that you can rest assured that your pets are being well cared for.  Your sitter will also email you throughout the pet sitting assignment.  If you would like more emails from your sitter, just let us know!
  • Pet Care Reports – When you arrive home from your trip, there will be a Pet Care Report on your counter from your pet sitter detailing how your pets were while you were away.  It will have a checklist of what pet/home care was done, and handwritten notes about how your pets did with their pet sitter.
  • Liability and bonding insurance – All of our pet sitters are covered under a comprehensive pet sitters’ insurance policy in the case of negligence on their part for anything in their “care, custody, and control,” including everything in your home and your pets.  They are also covered under a Bonding policy in case of theft.  Our coverage limits are the maximum allowed by our group insurance company, and we have never made a claim on our insurance.
  • Thorough screening process – All of our pet sitters go through a thorough screening process before being chosen as a pet sitter.  Our process includes a several steps to gather detailed information about the pet sitter, a personal interview with the business owner, and training visits.  All pet sitters authorize a personal/work reference check, and a criminal background check.  In addition, all pet sitters sign a Drug Authorization release (which allows them to be drug-tested at any time at the discretion of the company) and a thorough Independent Contractor’s agreement, outlining rules and expectations of the company.
  • Business office hours – Our office hours are 8:30-5:30 M-F and 9:00-12:00 on Saturdays.  We also have an after-hours number for emergencies, and communicate often through email.  Please leave us a message or send us an email any time.  We may need to call you back to confirm your pet sitting reservation after we speak with your pet sitter.

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